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Building Control

If you would carry out building works personally, it is very important that you understand how the building regulatory system and material applies to your situation as you are responsible for making sure that the work complies with the building regulations.

If you are employing a builder as well, the responsibility will usually be theirs – but you should confirm this at the very beginning. You should also bear in mind that if you are the owner of the building, it is ultimately you who may be served with an enforcement notice if the work does not comply with the regulations.

Some kinds of building projects are exempt from the regulations, however generally if you are planning to carry out ‘building work’ as defined in regulation 3 of the building regulations, then it must comply with the building regulations. This means that the regulations will probably apply if you want to carry out the following:

  • Erection or extension of a building
  • The installation or extension of a service or fitting which is controlled under the regulations
  • An alteration project involving work which will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building, service or fitting with the requirements relating to structure, fire, or access to and use of buildings
  • The insertion of insulation into a cavity wall
  • The underpinning of the foundations of a building
  • Work affecting the thermal elements, energy status or energy performance of a building.

Before commencing work, you should refer to Regulation 3 of the Building Regulations for the full meaning of ‘building work’ or, if you are unsure, seek advice.

Types of Building Control Application

There are two types of building regulations applications.

Full plan application

  • If you know you will carry out the work as shown in the plans than this application is suitable for you.  
  • Suitable for you if you are thinking of applying for construction loan or insurance.

Advantages of a Building Notice

  • You can apply without detail plans.
  • Building control will visit site few times before completion of the project and hand over the certificate once construction is finished.

What do we do?

We can prepare a full set of building regulations drawings for building control approval. We help you with building control enquiries, fill forms and submit drawings to building control. To prepare these drawings we will gather information from you, from your builder and structural engineer. This package can be used to get precise quote from your builder before the construction so that there is no surprise during the construction stage.

  1. The full package of building control drawings, site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, elevations and sections for the builder.
  2. Building control application submission.
  3. One change of internal layout if required by the Client.
  4. Incorporate Client selected windows and doors in the plans and elevations.
  5. Incorporate all services, rainwater pipes details if required in the plans.
  6. Incorporate bathroom and kitchen layouts in the plans.
  7. Visit the site with a Structural Engineer and provide him with initial drawings via email.  
  8. Incorporate Structural information in the drawings.
  9. Three visits to the Site to meet Builder, before or during construction.
  10. Electrical and mechanical drawing.
  11. Party wall drawing (if required by the Party Wall Surveyor).
  12. Specification document if required by the Client. We prepare this document with the building regulations application. This document has all information about the specifications/materials used during the construction of the project.