Planning Applications for Dropped Kerbs

A dropped kerb is when the kerb is lowered, and the pavement is strengthened to allow vehicles to cross it without causing any damage. A dropped kerb allows vehicles to cross over the pavement from the road to a driveway. Drop kerbs are a legal requirement for crossing over the pavement to park on your driveway. An access point is where you access your property from the road.

If you live on a public road and wish to install a drop kerb by a contractor or create a vehicle access from a residential property to the road, you will need permission from your County Council. The council highway department will need to make sure that it won’t create any risks to other road users or damage any other part of the road or the pavement.

Before you make the application to the County Council, you may need planning permission from your local council. If you live on a classified road (A, B or C road) and do not have a drop kerb, you will need a planning application before applying for a drop kerb.

You will also need to have enough space on your driveway to be able to park the car in order to be approved for a drop kerb. 

General Guidance

As a general guidance, the County Council will need

  • A copy of the planning permission from the local council or written confirmation that you do not need planning permission from your local council. The local council will charge their usual planning fees for planning application.
  • A written permission from the home owner if you are not the owner
  • A photograph from the front of the property, showing neighbouring properties as well
  • A drawing or sketch of where you plan to introduce the access point or have the kerb dropped

Steps Involved in Drop Kerb Installation


Apply for Planning Permission


Apply for Highways permission


Find suitable Contractor


Install Dropped Kerbs

The county council will charge a fee for the drop kerb application (usually £386). If you have a streetlight or a tree or a public drain at the kerb, they might charge an additional inspection fees.

Once the planning permission is obtained and the permission from the County Council highways is also obtained, you can find a suitable contractor to install your dropped kerb. The contractors must hold New Roads and Street Works Act accreditations and hold suitable public liability insurance.

Please find more specific details related to your council by using your address or post code here.

The first step is to get a planning permission from the local council. If you are looking for works such as an off-road area to park your car, you may also require planning permission.

Your drop kerb planning application will require the following items:

  • Measurement Survey and Existing Drawing of the house               
  • Planning Drawing Set and submission and liaising with the planner
  • OS Map

At AK Studios, we have helped many clients with the drop kerb planning permission. Please contact us for your query on a drop kerb.