Type of Projects

At AK Studios Architects, we undertake a variety of projects. In the residential sector, such projects can be as small as range from a small house refurbishment to as big as new builds or a building of flats. In Commercial sector, it can be Change of Use Planning to creating mixed use spaces to planning and design of commercial premises of offices. 

Single Storey Extensions/Conversion

Some of the most common house extensions we get asked to do by our clients are single storey extension. These tend to be the simplest way to add more living space to your house. Whether you live in a Bungalow, a Detached House, a Terraced House, a Semi Detached or even a ground floor flat, a single storey extension can be a great way to improve your space and your living standard.

Multiple Extensions/Conversions

Many homeowners need extra space both on the ground floor and on the first floor and sometimes in the loft or a second floor as well. There can also be a merit and a reason for a garage conversion into a living or utility or home office space. Many families when move into a property or outgrow the one they are currently occupying, extra living space downstairs and more bedrooms and space upstairs is needed.  With more home based work, sometimes a secluded home office may also be desired. If done right, this adds a lot of value to the lifestyle and also to the property value.

Loft Extensions/Conversions

Loft conversions are probably the most cost effective way of adding an additional room to your property. As various properties come in different sizes, there is a requirement of a minimum height (usually 2.2m) required for a loft to be converted without raising the roof. If your property has a loft space and you are exploring converting it into a bedroom or a spare room or even a family snug room, please do get in touch with us.


Out Buildings are becoming more and more popular as work and life style has changed over the years. Out buildings can fall into multiple categories and uses. From simple sheds to garden rooms to home office spaces and annexes, we see a lot of demand from clients to suit their individual needs.

Garage Conversions/Extensions

A garage conversion can provide a lot of usable space that is otherwise occupied only by storage if a car is not parked there. Garage conversions can typically be one of the most inexpensive ways to add more liveable space in your property. Whether you need a downstairs office space, or a larger kitchen with a utility, a front room or a play room or even a home gym, a garage conversion can provide a lot of options, along with storage spaces. In some cases a garage can also be converted in to an Annex, as a separate inhabitable space.  An advantage of a garage conversion is also that an extra live able space is added on the ground floor without using any more outdoor space.

New Build