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Planning Permission

Planning permission simply means getting permission from your local authority if you could create a certain piece of building work. It is either granted or refused. We try our best to get you planning permission on your project.

Do you need planning permission?

Our first appointment with you is free of charge where we will discuss your design options. We would inform you whether you need planning permission or not. While some building work can be done under permitted development. Permitted development require a certificate of lawful development in case local planning authorities ask us to submit plans. We are here to help you with all planning related situations.


Our Services​

Our services vary from one project to the other. But for a typical project where we quote a full planning fee, our services are the following.

  1. Visiting your house / property to take a measurement, prepare an initial sketch of the existing house or to see the site and discuss new building house requirement with Client.
  2. We prepare proposal drawings ranging from two to three options of the internal layout of the house to discuss with Client.
  3. We offer two Client appointments to discuss design proposals in colored 2D sketches and 3D form. In these appointments, we will present our design ideas, different design options and inform the Client about planning and other constraints.
  4. Communication with the Builder and Structural engineer, if required.
  5. Discuss drawings with the council or seek pre-app advice if asked by the Client.
  6. Submission of the planning application, issuing of final planning drawing (existing plans and elevations, proposed plans, elevations, and section).