HMO Extension and Garage Conversion

Extension and Reconfiguration

The project  was based at the edge of Blackheath village. We helped the clients create a modern living space by adding a ground floor bedroom and an additional small bedroom in the property and reconfiguring the space to add more natural light in the house. The existing house lacked the use of natural light and had a tired looking outdoor space, which was transformed into a welcoming space and exterior. We helped with planning permission approval from Lewisham Council.

The Project

Garage Conversion to Bedroom

Internal Redesign and HMO


Lewisham Council

Our Expertise

  • Architectural Design

  • Planning Application

  • Building Regulation Drawings

The Brief

The project was to transform this terraced house located in Blackheath into a modern living space suitable for multiple occupation (as HMO). This was achieved by carrying out a conversion of a small garage into a bedroom, including replacing the existing garage door with windows and reconfiguring the internal spaces to 

make additional rooms and living spaces. The sliding door of the first floor was replaced by a modern bi-folding door and a new handrail was added to the balcony along with a skylight.



Area Added

40 sq m

Client Budget


After Extension

Original House