MaidStone Council Projects

Our Architect Services and Projects in Maidstone Borough Council

If you are based in Maidstone Council and are looking to extend your house, AK Studios Architects team can help you from initial consultation to design and planning application all the way to building regulation drawings and helping you find a local builder.

The planning and building control requirements and details is provided online by Maidstone Borough Council at this link. You can also find a register of previously approved planning applications or the ones currently under process. Maidstone Council has a local plan to provide a framework and guidelines for development in the council until 2031. Details can be found here.  The policies within the Local Plan, along with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is used to make planning decisions.

If you have a project in Maidstone Borough Council, it is important to have an experienced RIBA Chartered Architect with experience across Maidstone Council such as AK Studios Architects. 


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Some Recent Projects in MaidStone