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Our Process

The first question that comes to your mind is “how do I start this project”. Please check the following steps to understand how we go about this process. An Overview of the steps involved:


Step 1: Preparation and Brief               

This stage entails the following processes;

  1. Research and Consultation
  2. Review fee proposal
  3. Appointing an Architect
  4. Define Project Objectives
  5. Access Project Budget
  6. Survey and measurements


Step 4: Building Regulations

It includes;

  1. Discussion options and approach
  2. Determine third party involvement
  3. Preparing a detailed design package
  4. Dealing with legislation
  5. Consider material finishes
  6. Approach suppliers
  7. Agree on supply and fit responsibilities
  8. Tender
  9. Submit a building regulations application
  10. Check on budget
Step 2: Preliminary Design

It includes;

  1. Prepared Existing Drawings
  2. Discuss design ideas
  3. Prepare proposed designs
  4. Review and Develop proposed designs
  5. Advice on planning policy
Step 5: Construction Stage
  1. Consider On-site development
  2. Agree on contract terms
  3. Discuss finances
  4. Check insurance
  5. Commence with works
  6. Quality control
Step 3: Planning

The substages are;

  1. Defining the materials to be used
  2. Finalize and submit an application
  3. Application fee
  4. Validation
  5. Await decision
  6. Consider Next Steps
Step 6: Fit Out
  1. Apply the finishes
  2. Install
  3. Snagging
  4. Sign off