Multiple Extensions

Many homeowners need extra space both on the ground floor and on the first floor and sometimes in the loft or a second floor as well. There can also be a merit and a reason for a garage conversion into a living or utility or home office space. Many families when move into a property or outgrow the one they are currently occupying, extra living space downstairs and more bedrooms and space upstairs is needed.  With more home based work, sometimes a secluded home office may also be desired. If done right, this adds a lot of value to the lifestyle and also to the property value.

Every Extension is Different

The reasons of extensions and designs of extensions vary largely from one to another property. In many properties roof designs for the first floor have to be carefully considered to minimise the risks of planning. Larger extensions have to be sympathetic to the neighbours right of light and privacy. Side Double Storey Extensions have to not overlook the neighbours and / or block their light and also mostly look subservient to the property. If you are doing a garage conversion alongside an extension, changes to the front façade of the house need to be considered. There is so much variation in every on project that it helps hiring a professional Architect to get your design, Planning and Building Regulations work considered.

Whatever Your Project, we are here to help

Over the course of years, we have designed many types of extensions for our clients and got them approved by local councils. The size and scope of each project varies from one to another property. We offer services from Planning Application (or permitted development applications) to Building Regulations drawings to help with finding the right building partners and constructions. We are a RIBA Chartered practice with many years of experience on delivering Out Building and Annex Projects at properties across All Greater London Boroughs, Central London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.

What Type of Project do you have in mind?

Please have a look at a selection of some of our projects with multiple extensions in properties to get some inspiration for your next project and see how we can help. 

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